Kostas Panagiotou


2000- Pantheist - keyboards, vocals  
2001-2002 Bellator - keyboards  
2002-2014 Wijlen Wij - guitars, keyboards, vocals  
2004-2010 Crippled Black Phoenix - keyboards  
2012-2018 Landskap - keyboards, organ  
2013-2014 Aphonic Threnody - keyboards, piano (as Kostas P)  
2013-2015 Clouds - keyboards  
2016- Wastes - keyboards  
2017- Towards Atlantis Lights - vocals, keyboards  

Studio musician

2014- Arcana Coelestia - keyboards  

Live musician

2003 Until Death Overtakes Me - keyboards  

Guest musician

2014 Mourning Dawn - vocals  


14.07.2016 Pantheist

Personal information

Born on: 08.08.1977

Kostas Panagiotou was born in Kavala, Greece, and lived in Antwerp, Belgium between 1988 and 2003. He has been living in England since May 2003. Studied Clinical Psychology in Brussels and Forensic Psychology in London. He has been playing music (piano, keyboards, accordion) since the age of 15. Started by joining local bands that played Greek folk music in Belgium (1993-2002. These bands were specializing in rebetica music (Greek traditional music from the marginals of society, a bit comparable to blues). However, he got interested first in classical music and electronic music (through self exploration) and later extreme metal while studying at the university.

He is a founding member of Pantheist (extreme funereal metal). We have released a few albums through underground labels and are currently working on our third full-length work. Pantheist is also an active live band, although good gig opportunities are rare with this band: the style of music we perform is extremely unpopular. However, in Pantheist it's all about the passion and intensity of expressing emotions most people don't even know are there.
He has been involved in Bellator (RIP) and several projects like Anonymous Soul (RIP) and more recently Wijlen Wij, of which the debut album has been released by Aesthetic Death Records in June 2007, he has been a live member of Stijn Van Cauter's project Until Death Overtakes Me participating in all its gigs up to this point.

Recently, a new project has been started in collaboration with Andy from Pantheist: Ereipia, in which they aim to explore neoclassical musical realms, as well as Justin Greaves' band Crippled Black Phoenix, an amazing venture into post/country rock, ambient and neoclassical territory. Our debut album 'A love of shared disasters' is out on Invada Records.

Kostas is a Panathinaikos Athens fan