2010-2012 Hatriot - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 31.01.1993

Alex Bent was born January 31, 1993 in Oakland, California. His father a singer and musician along with most of his family surrounded him with music from the time he was born. It seemed only natural for him to choose an instrument to play. At the age of 11 Alex asked his dad to put together his old drum set. From that moment on Alex knew that playing drums was not just a hobby, but a passion. After only 13 months of playing Alex had already participated in the national guitar center drum off and won several rounds and was instantly gigging playing his passion, metal. After 2 years of playing Alex started to expand his styles and open to genres he loves such as jazz, Afro Cuban, Polynesian, hip hop and more. Alex's favorite style in metal to play is Death metal old and new. In 2008 Alex won the international blast off. Alex is now 17 years old and is working with Hatriot to push the boundaries of Thrash metal and hopes to impact this world one way or another.