Reidar Horghagen


NA Lost At Last - drums (as Horgh)  
1996- Immortal - drums (as Horgh)  
2001-2004 Grimfist - drums (as Horgh)  
2004- Hypocrisy - drums (as Horgh)  

Live musician

1999 Pain - drums (as Horgh)  

Guest musician

1999 Pain - drums (as Horgh)  

Personal information

Also known as: Horgh
Born on: 07.05.1971

Horgh (7 May 1971, born Reidar Horghagen in Bergen, Norway) is a Norwegian drummer, currently playing for Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy and Norwegian black metal band Immortal.

Horgh joined Immortal in 1996, following a succession of rotating members - the band had worked with four different drummers in five years, while core member Abbath played drums in the studio for the albums Pure Holocaust and Battles in the North. Horgh has been with the band ever since, and played drums on all albums the band have released from then on.

Horgh is known to be one of the best drummers in the black metal scene. Horgh's style incorporates more straightforward metal techniques than Abbath's mostly blast beat orientated way of playing and the slower, more primitive and eighties-oriented style of Immortal's first drummer Armagedda (the only other drummer that has ever recorded with the band), and is especially known for his strong foot technique, giving him the ability to play very fast and precise double bass drum patterns for a long period of time. The liner notes of his first Immortal album, Blizzard Beasts, dedicate the album to him.

Immortal disbanded in 2003 but officially reformed in 2007, after Abbath was finished with recording his side project I. After having played a successful string of shows in summer 2007 and several dates at major European metal festivals in 2008, they announced they would be returning to the studio to record the follow up to 2002's Sons Of Northern Darkness. Album producer Peter Tägtgren recently confirmed that the recording of said album will start around February, 2009

According to his profile on (their official site), his favourite album is Judas Priest's British Steel, and they are also his favourite band. His top song is listed as Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses.