Janne Argillander


1997-1998 Reactor - guitars  
2009- Reactor - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 19.06.1983
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We all got into music at a very young age, watching Antti and Tommi's fathers band play. We started our first bands when we were about nine years old. Tommi had taught me a few chords with his guitar. Few months later I got my first guitar, after that I started taking guitar lessons with classical guitar.

Tommi and Antti had had this band thing going on for a few years. Around 1996 they decided to ask me to join as their second guitarist. We played around Turku in local youth houses, and released a couple of demo tapes. But, as we were at our early teens, it was really hard for me to keep up with the band. So at the end of '98, I decided to quit, to pursue some other interests.

It took a whole year until I picked up my guitar again. But when I did, I played like a maniac. My taste for music had got a bit heavier, and in 2002 we founded a HC-punk band with Tommi and few other guys. We released our first 7" vinyl in 2003, and another one in 2008.

At the end of 2008, Tatu, Tommi and Antti asked me to join forces again. So here we go again. Hope to see you at a show near you.