Alexa Leroux


2008- Shear - vocals  

Guest musician

2014 Whispered - female vocals  

Personal information

Alexa was born in Helsinki, Finland to an Ecuadorian father and Finnish mother. A year later the whole family moved to Ecuador, where Alexa spent the next fourteen years. From a very early age she displayed a huge interest for music, arts and performing. At age 5 she started going to piano lessons with her older sister, but being a very hyper child, she found it hard to focus during the lessons, so she spent a lot of time in the room next door watching Bon Jovi videos, while her sister attended both their lessons.

It was around the same time when she started to find other rock bands such as Aerosmith, Queen, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, among others, which her parents and older sisters introduced her to. Hundreds of hours spent watching MTV didn't hurt either. She was hooked on loud, wild, rock 'n roll music. One of the earliest memories Alexa has of singing is while watching music television and singing along to every single guitar solo, while mimicking on an air guitar with some rather flamboyant moves. She was a very loud kid. So loud in fact, that her parents decided to find her a classical vocal coach, with whom Alexa started training at age 9.

She continued singing classical music, even after moving back to Finland in her teens. She also studied music theory, sang in choirs, competed successfully around the world with several vocal ensembles and played the double bass in an orchestra and a folk music ensemble. While being in high school Alexa started performing in various musicals. Meeting new people in the world of music theater lead to her going to bars with open stage nights, even though she was still very much underage... She then started performing with rock bands and in 2007 she won a competition for upcoming rock singers. She still continued developing her classical singing skills to a point that she decided she wanted to study opera and in summer of 2007 she moved to Stockholm where she studied opera for two and a half years.

After returning once again to Finland she started looking for a band to join and in December 2009 she found a band looking for a singer. She went to try out, sang Wasted Years by Iron Maiden and Pull me Under by Dream Theater and that's when the band decided to take her in. A few months later the band started calling themselves Shear.