2010- Deathknock - lead guitar, bass,  

Personal information

Born on: 06.02.1989

Koorosh (Dariush's Twin), the lead guitarist , Lyricist and bassist of the band Deathknock,was born on 6th February 1989 in Shiraz-Iran.
It was the summer of 2004 when he become the fan of "Metal Music" with a video clip from Metallica called " Nothing Else Matters". From Then on,he kept on listening to Metallica.

As the time passed, he was getting more and more interested in Metallica stuff and became a big fan of them. because of that inspiration, so he decided to buy an electric guitar.So he started to learn some of Metallica guitar riffs. after a while he became a self thought guitarist.

Some day, he and his twin brother "Dariush" met Farid Farzin. As they all got to know that they are all interested in Metal Music,they decided to cover a song from Dimmu Borgir.that was the very first cooperation of them which resulted in making their band "Deathknock".

He is the current lead guitarist,lyricist and bassist of Deathknock.