2010- Deathknock - drums, keyboard, backing vocals  

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Born on: 05.02.1989
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Dariush , the drummer,keyboardist and backing vocal of the band Deathknock,was born on 5th February 1989 in Shiraz-Iran.He had a great talent in playing keyboard. He started playing keyboard when he was 8. After a while, he quitted playing keyboard.

After some time, he started to listen to metal music. As he said, his first favorite metal band was "Rammstein", which had a great influence on him. So he bought an electric guitar. He started to play electric guitar at the age of 15,playing Rammstein songs.

He also loved to play drums,because he had been influenced by great drummers such as Joey Jordison of SlipKnoT, Chris Adler of Lamb of God,Daniel Erlandsson of Arch Enemy, Christoph DOOM Schneider of Rammstein and some other HUGE drummers.So he also baught a drumkit and played his favorite stuff from Rammstein,Slipknot and other bands.

After creation of Deathknock, he has been the keyboardist,drummer and backing vocal. He has also played some guitar parts in many songs of Deathknock official album.