Paul Daniel Frehley


1972-1982 KISS - guitars (as Ace Frehley)  
1984- Ace Frehley - vocals, guitars (as Ace Frehley)  
1996-2002 KISS - guitars (as Ace Frehley)  

Personal information

Also known as: Ace Frehley
Born on: 27.04.1951

Born Paul Frehley. After joining Kiss he changed his name to Ace as to avoid confusion with fellow band member Paul Stanley. He recorded a total of 9 studio and 2 live albums with Kiss before he quit the band because he was unhappy with the direction the band was taking and believed he would be more successful as a solo artist.
During his Kiss years and after, Frehley frequently battled with alcohol and drug abuse and only in late 2006 did he finally claim to have laid his demons to rest.
Throughout the 80's and early 90's he released several solo albums with a backing band suitably titled "Frehley's Comet" but never gained the success he craved.
In 1995 he played on MTV Unplugged with the original Kiss members and in 1998 he rejoined Kiss for a farewell tour and album (although he and fellow former Kiss bandmate Peter Criss barely featured on the album). He remained with Kiss for 2 years after the supposed farewell tour, but exited after arguments with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.