Timothy Peter "Tim" Lambesis


2000-2001 Society's Finest - guitars  
2001- As I Lay Dying - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  
2001-2002 Point Of Recognition - guitars  
2008- Austrian Death Machine - all instruments, vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  
2012- Pyrithion - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  

Guest musician

2008 Bleeding Through - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  
2009 Evergreen Terrace - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  
2010 Impending Doom - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  
2011 Jasta - vocals (as Tim Lambesis)  


18.11.2008 As I Lay Dying

Personal information

Born on: 21.11.1980

Tim Lambesis (born November 21, 1980) is an American musician, best known as the founding member, lead vocalist of American metalcore band As I Lay Dying. He also has a solo/side project in tribute to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger where he performs all the required instruments, the project is known as Austrian Death Machine. He has also played guitar for Society's Finest and Point Of Recognition.

Lambesis is notable for his screamed vocals which are influenced by such bands as In Flames, Living Sacrifice and At The Gates.