Kévin Paradis


2007-2014 Dead Talking Mind - drums, backing vocals  
2011- Mithridatic - drums  
2012-2015 DeadlySins - drums  
2013- The Seven Gates - drums  
2013- Death Lab - drums  
2014- The Arisen - drums  
2014- Agressor - drums  
2015-2017 Svart Crown - drums  
2017- Benighted - drums  
2020- Rejoice! The Light Has Come - drums  

Studio musician

2017 Virulent Depravity - drums  
2018 Azelisassath - drums  
2019 Ripped To Shreds - drums  
2019 Drastus - drums  
2020- Arkona - drums  
2020 Serocs - drums  

Live musician

2013 Benighted - drums  
2014 Svart Crown - drums  
2014 Seth - drums  
2014-2016 Melechesh - drums (as Nomadic Soul)  
2015- Krisiun - drums  
2015 Benighted - drums  
2017-2018 Shining - drums  
2020 Nader Sadek - drums  

Guest musician

2020 Firelink - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Nomadic Soul
Official website

Native of the French Gevandan's mountains, Kévin Paradis, have been studying drums since the age of 6, by taking drum lesson with jazz music and experimental music master Michel Blanc, following Dante Agostini method. His first influences were Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Mr. Big and Accept, etc.

Aged 16 and lapsing progressively into metal music, by listening bands like Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Nile or Necrophagist, Kévin started his own band Dead Talking Mind with schoolmates, and recorded with them an album, Social Therapy, doing also duties of vocalist and producer.

After the band broke up, he joined French Death Metal band The Seven Gates, Thrash Metal band DeadlySins, and Progressive Death Metal band Death Lab at the age of 21.

During the following year, he played as a session drummer for Benighted and Seth, was doing duties of drumming for Agressor, and joined Black/Death Metal band Mithridatic. Aged 23, he has joined Svart Crown, and was also a session drummer for Melechesh. Today, Kévin is drumming for Agressor, Death Lab, Deadly Sins, Mithridatic, Svart Crown, and have started the Progressive Metal band The Arisen with his mate Jordan Bonnevialle (ex-Dead Talking Mind).

In 2015, Kévin has made his first US tour with Svart Crown, sharing the stage with Deicide, Hate Eternal, Entombed A.D., etc. and record an album with Mithridatic.

Currently strongly influenced by Ulcerate, Kriegsmaschine, but also by Between The Buried And Me or Animals As Leaders, Kévin try to keep his drumming as dynamic as possible, and as versatile as possible.