Rob Patterson


2001-2004 Otep - guitar  
2009 Otep - guitar  

Live musician

2005-2008 Korn - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 09.11.1970

Rob Patterson (born November 9, 1970 in Natick, Massachusetts) is a current member of the nu metal band Otep as well as the post-industrial band Filter. He is also a former touring guitarist for the band Korn.

Patterson's first major band was the metal, female-fronted Otep. He played on their first two albums, Sevas Tra and House Of Secrets.

He began playing touring-guitar for Korn in July 2005. He was temporarily replaced by Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory for the first three shows of the tour's 2006 European leg. No official statements were made to explain why Wolbers played only the first three shows (Portugal and Spain). Patterson resumed his role after those shows. He also played backing guitar on Korn's MTV Unplugged: Korn

However, Patterson stopped playing touring-guitar for KoRn shortly after the MTV Unplugged sessions because of a personal fallout with James "Munky" Shaffer. Following his departure, he released a solo EP on iTunes, Dr. Z.

Patterson was brought back into his role with Korn in January 2008 following Shaffer's supposed hiatus. He learned 10 new songs by ear on the flight overseas and had a show the evening he arrived. He played alongside Shane Gibson for 95% of Korn's Europe tour from the UK to Austria, He left from Milan when Munky returned to the tour.

He is currently in the process of working on a full length solo record. He is recording tracks and doing pre-production in New Orleans, Louisiana. A release date had been slated for October 2008, however he did not meet it; because of Otep recording, the release date has been pushed back to November 2009.

He has recently been deejaying (while sometimes playing guitar along with it) all over the country from California to Florida, including 2 VMA parties in Los Angeles, and the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

As of April 2008, Patterson was engaged to Carmen Electra.

He is also one of the characters in the book Sex Tips from Rock Stars by Paul Miles to be published by Omnibus Press in July 2010.

Rob is the guitar player for the band Filter as of 2010.