Yoshiki Hayashi


1982- X Japan - drums, keyboards (as Yoshiki)  
1991-1992 V2 - drums (as Yoshiki)  
1993- Yoshiki - piano (as Yoshiki)  
2000- Violet UK - drums, keyboards (as Yoshiki)  
2002-2005 Globe - keyboards, piano (as Yoshiki)  
2007- S.K.I.N. - drums (as Yoshiki)  
2011 Toshi Feat. Yoshiki - piano (as Yoshiki)  

Studio musician

1992 L.O.X - drums (as Rei Shiratori)  

Live musician

1985 Doom (JPN) - drums (as Yoshiki)  

Guest musician

1994 Roger Taylor - drums, piano, synthesizers (as Yoshiki)  

Personal information

Also known as: Yoshiki, Rei Shiratori
Born on: 20.11.1965
Official website

Yoshiki is a songwriter, drummer, and a classically-trained pianist. His rock group X Japan has sold 30-million singles and albums combined, and filled the 55,000-seat Toyko Dome a record 18 times. Now the band's popularity is spreading throughout the world, having recently completed a sold-out World Tour, performing in North America, Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia.

In 1999, Yoshiki composed a piano concerto and performed it with a 77-piece orchestra to celebrate the tenth year of the Emperor of Japan's reign.

In 2005, Yoshiki composed the theme song and conducted the Super World Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the World Expo. Previously, Yoshiki also recorded a classical album co-produced and arranged by acclaimed Beatles producer Sir George Martin and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Beyond music, Yoshiki has his own Visa Card and MasterCard issued by one of the largest Japanese banks. Recently, the legendary Stan Lee created a Super Hero based on him, and for the first time, a Hello Kitty product line is named after a person - "Yoshikitty".

In 2010, he launched his non-profit organization Yoshiki Foundation America, which continues to donate to various charitable organizations, including supporting Japanese Earthquake victims.

(Source: yoshiki.net)