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Name Bands Born on Died on
3801 Andy Marchini Sadist
Dark Lunacy
3802 Andy Maresh Appalling Spawn
Lykathea Aflame
3803 Andy Marsh Thy Art Is Murder
3804 Andy Marshall
Old Silver Key
Concept Of Time
3805 Andy Martin Woman Is The Earth
3806 Andy McComas Grethor
3807 Andy McCulloch King Crimson
3808 Andy McKein Beholder [ITA]
3809 Andy McLachlan Unsilence
3810 Andy McLeod Reciprocal
3811 Andy Menario Martiria
Secret Rule
3812 Andy Michaud Liege Lord
3813 Andy Midgeley Wolfpakk
3814 Andy Missotten Chemical Breath
3815 Andy Monge Alchemy Room
3816 Andy Nelson Weekend Nachos
Abysmal Dawn
3817 Andy Newmann Beholder [ITA]
3818 Andy Nice Cradle Of Filth
3819 Andy Nixon-Corfield Pythia
3820 Andy Nye Michael Schenker Group
3821 Andy Panigada Bulldozer
3822 Andy Patterson Subrosa
3823 Andy Perez Blaspherian
3824 Andy Pester Mercury Rain
3825 Andy Phillips Xerath
3826 Andy Posdziech Any Given Day
3827 Andy Price Conjurer
3828 Andy Pyke Marshall Law
Cerebral Fix
3829 Andy Ramage Argus
3830 Andy Read Satan
3831 Andy Reiner Devil In The Kitchen
3832 Andy Rice A Storm Of Light
3833 Andy Richards Gary Moore
3834 Andy Robbins Tokyo Blade
3835 Andy Robinson More
3836 Andy Romero Fear Factory
3837 Andy Rosser-Davies Onslaught
3838 Andy Rourke Killing Joke
3839 Andy Rudd Xentrix
3840 Andy Rysdam Knights Of The Abyss
Job For A Cowboy
3841 Andy Süss Witchburner
3842 Andy Salzmann Eeriness
3843 Andy Schmidt
Pin-Up Went Down
Dark Suns
3844 Andy Schoengrund Wolvhammer
3845 Andy Schroeder Abigail Williams
3846 Andy Schuman Verbal Abuse
3847 Andy Segura Communion Of Thieves
3848 Andy Selway KMFDM
3849 Andy Semmens Esoteric
3850 Andy Shortland Cloven Hoof