Eternal Oath - Biography



Eternal Oath was originally formed in 1991 by Ted Jonsson, Petri Tarvainen and Joni Mäensivu.

In February of 1994 the band recorded a 3-song promotional tape wich secured them a deal with Rat Pack Records for one mcd. In March of 1995,the mcd "So silent" was recorded. A year later, Rat pack records still hadn't managed to release the mcd due to financial problems. Tired of waiting, Eternal Oath broke their contract with the company and released the mcd on their own. "So silent" saw daylight in June of 1996.

In March of 1998 it was time to enter the studio again. The fullenght album "Through the eyes of hatred" was recorded in studio Sunlight for Singapore label Pulverised Records. The album received great reviews from fans, zines, labels etc.

In the fall of 2001 the band entered Studio Fredman in Gotheburg to record their next full-length album "Righteous". Containing 10 tracks including a cover of Paradise Lost´s "Eternal", the album received huge response all over the world.

"Righteous" was mixed and engineered by Fredrik Nordström, who has recorded such acts as In Flames, Arch eneny, At the gates and Dark tranquillity to mention but a few.

A few months later, Pulverised Records went bakrupt and at the beginning of the year 2004 the band signed with the biggest independent metal distributor/label in Sweden: Sound Pollution/Black lodge, which also took over the entire Eternal Oath backcatalogue.

June 2004 saw the return of Eternal Oath to Studio Fredman, Sweden's finest metal studio.
"Wither" includes 12 brand new tracks. With an astonishing production, this album shows death/goth metal once again pushed to its´ limits, exploring
clean vocals, 7-string guitars and more "straight-forward"-songs.

Eternal Oath has a reputation for being a great live band. Their live performances always receive fantastic reviews. The band has played with bands such as At the Gates, Unanimated, Necrophobic, A Canorous Quintet, Dissection, Impious and Ablaze my Sorrow to name a few. The guys have also brought their crushing live show overseas on a few occasions, performing in countries such as Estonia and Finland.