Tar Pond - Biography


Tar Pond are a Swiss anti-supergroup formed by legends from the music and art world, Established in 2015 by legendary Celtic Frost bassist Martin Ain (R.I.P), former Coroner drummer and lyricist Marky Edelmann, renowned skratchboard artist Thomas Ott and Swiss art world heavyweight A.C. Kupper and Stefano Mauriello. Tar Pond are sonic doom and gloom, the soundtrack of brutality, framed by apocalyptic, Tom Waits-like vocals.

Epic, sullen tracks were recorded and called to life in true, old-fashioned analogue spirit at New Sound Studios by none other than producer Tommy Vetterli (himself guitar legend of Coroner fame), resulting in material downright dripping with heaviness.
Just as the band were getting ready to let their bastard child see the light of day, fate struck like a hammer and the tragic death of Martin Ain stopped them in their tracks. Martin suffered a heart attack and passed away on October 21st, 2017. No words can explain how big of a loss this was and still is for his family, friends and band.
At this point Tar Pond nearly fell apart, but ultimately decided to carry on and release their songs, adding Monica Schori on bass and to the line-up.

Their first single "Please" comes from the upcoming debut album, "Protocol Of Constant Sadness", which will be released on March 20th 2020 as an exclusive black vinyl-only physical edition as well as on all digital platforms.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/tarpondband/