Blöod Düster - Biography



Blood Duster formed in August 1991 gathering influences from early grindcore bands like 'Napalm Death' and 'Carcass' and mixing it with elements from 70s rock bands.

In early 1992 the 'Menstrual Soup' demo was released showing the bands love for the Grinding Rock style that has since become there trademark. Mid '93 saw the release of 'Fisting the Dead' a 17 track mini CD on Dr. Jims records in Australia.

The band started to play live at this point and started to build up the live reputation that continues to this day for the absurd and the crude behavior that is part of any Blood Duster show. A few line up changes delayed the band until mid '95 when 'Yeest' was released in Australia. Showing more of the Earlier rock moves, but maintaining the grinding element yeest proved to be a turning point in the band with live shows happening more often and to increasing crowds Australia wide.

'Yeest' was also the point where U.S. label relapse started to show interest in the band choosing to release both 'Fisting the Dead' and 'Yeest' on one CD for the rest of the world. Late '97 saw 'Str8outtanorthcote' released to the public, this the first full-length album showed more of the rock and this time some country influences creeping into the Blood Duster sound combining into a free for all with songs written for some on-stage jamming and a little more varied sound that went against the typical death metal sound of the time

Early 2000 saw some line up difficulties first with first drummer problems and then with guitarist problems.

September 2000 saw the release of the latest in the Blood Duster catalogue 'CUNT'. With a sort of new line-up (old members that rejoined) this album sets out from the beginning to be the most extreme the band have released. Recorded at the same studio that saw the birth of both 'Fisting the Dead' and 'Yeest' the new album sees a return to a more 'grind' based sound.

Following the albums release came the first single 'Pornstore Stiffi', and the video being added to high rotation on Channel V and thus adding an abundance of new fans to the already faithful.

2001 has not been without its controversy, with Tony 'Knuckle Duster' Ford being summonsed to appear in court after an incident with fellow pop misters 'Scandal'us'. It seems that the boys in blue were not to fond of Tony's ringed attire and asked if he had a permit for them, with a fond 'NO' and a couple of photo snaps of the blue crew resulted in a nice little letter to catch up with him latter. A slap on the wrists resulted and Tony had escaped the clutches of the law to growl another day...

With the latest and last single from the now infamous album now due, will see the band play some select dates before heading back to the recording studio for the next Blood Duster opus.