Eidyllion - Biography

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Eidyllion was born on April the 16th of 1999 in a town named Atizapán de Zaragoza, close to Mexico City. "At the beginning we were 7 members but as usual when you start to find your own sound some people have to leave, at the end we were just three: Salaí, D'mitri and I," says Samael.

Samael and Salaí leaded the band since the beginning, Samael on the musical way and Salai on lyrics and management. Both started to compose since the first rehearsal the five songs and four instrumental tracks that will compose the debut album "Nashgaa", that period lasted from April of 1999 to July of the same year, the album was recorded on a week of august of 1999, so the band started the door-knocking until they came to Dilemma's who canalized the band to a little label, since the beginning that label didn't figure out what the band could offer so they decided to edit the album on KCT format, something strange for those days, from that is why the people always thought that "Nashgaa" is just a demo-tape but it isn't cause it's a whole album, anyhow the album was on the streets on august of 2000.

With "Nashgaa" on streets the band started an intensified the period of live gigs, on that time something happened, in Mexico is usual that the Goth people used to seize melodic black metal, doom-black or funeral bands thinking and assure for certain that is Goth music, and that happened to Eidyllion but it doesn't matter to the band who started to have nice critics of their album on well named Mexican metal mags.

In the fall of 2000 Eidyllion started to compose the second album named since the beginning "Gymnopaidía del Leteo" that means the Leteo's Bacchanals; the composing period in that time was very long because of the various live gigs, it lasted from September of 2000 to February of 2001, the band entered to studio on April of 2001, the recording was made on three weeks and the masterized was on another three, that little label wanted to put it on streets on July of 2001 for still unknown reasons the album appeared on streets until January of 2002 , it was kindly distributed by Dilemma Entertainment and on international catalogues it appeared like Dilemma's edition something to thank to mother Gaia.

In the period between the recording of the album and the presentation of the same the band had a very interesting connection with the intellectual Mexican scene that permitted them to perform at international events, developing their selves as musical representatives of Mexico at twice, the first at the San Pedro Actopan International Folk Fest and the second at the cultural exchange Mexico-Norway, both realized on 2001.

Finally the album was presented on December the 5th of 2001. That album has been the very next step or the band because of all the national and international critics, also the incredible live gigs in almost all Mexico (including being the support band of many international bands on their live acts in Mexico, and the 2 live gigs at the very first Mexican stage: the Zocalo, in the heart of Mexico City's down town), and the international distro, put the band on the map.

The intensive promo period and the tour lasted since December of 2001 to January of 2004, on those days the band added some live session musicians who were rotating during all the period; anyhow since March of 2002 until July of 2003 Samael and Salai started the composition of the next album; then many problems arose: that little label disappeared, anyhow some line-up problems came, an all-life member (D'mitri) had to leave the band because of his life style. So it didn't matter to Eidyllion, they kept working on the new album named "Amorka" (like the chaldaic goddess of moon and sea) and searching for the new elements; on November of 2004 Samael entered to the studio meanwhile he was doing the art for the album; Salai came to the studio just after she finalized a long desk-work for the band on February of 2005, the album was totally recorded on March of 2005.

Amorka was presented on April the 22nd of 2005 the same date when dancer and performing Astrid Marlen was added to the line-up; it was available on Mexican stores since May of 2005, but of course seeking for more and new horizons for the band that includes a bigger international distribution.

On october of 2005 Eidyllion won the "Musical Innovation ANCAI award 2005" for their arrangements on mexican folk music and for their latest album Amorka.

On 2006 Eidyllion strated a new project based on french and spanish medieval music, aranging those themes and searching for a label that wanna produce it, like a special feature. Being on the search guided the band to new member was added to Eidyllion: Bassist Xava Anjana. The 2006 was a time for Amorka distro and for give shape to the medieval project.

On 2007 Eidyllion ended two cycles : Amorka and working relationship with Anjana. As well as filming their first live act for sell at Celaya City and appearing at the book SONIDOS URBANOS a compilation of the 150 most important bands of Mexico City.