Avrigus - Biography


Avrigus is a two-piece atmospheric doom metal band from Sydney, Australia. The band was founded by Simon Gruer (ex-Cruciform) and featured Judy Chiara, who has since been replaced by Megan Robins.

Avrigus first came into existence in 1990; however, due to Simon's role in Cruciform, and the stagnant Austrialian metal scene at the time, it wasn't until 1998 that the very well-received EP, The Final Wish, was released via Warhead Records.

In 2001 Avrigus released their full-length debut, entitled The Secret Kingdom, through Well Of Urd Records, a division of the now-defunct Hammerheart Records.

In 2006 Chiara left the band, but Gruer continued with the project, wanting to release a new full-length album. The Hidden Citadel, which was originally set to be released near the end of 2009, was pushed back to a distant 2010 release date. Having done this, Gruer felt the need to release new music for his fans; hence, the Beauty And Pain EP, featuring new vocalist Megan Robins.

(Source: MySpace, Last.fm)