Officially founded in 2004 by Emilio Souto, Skiltron are one of the pioneering Folk Metal bands from South America, based in Argentina.

After a 3 song demo in 2004 called Gathering the Clans, the band released their full length debut album The Clans Have United in 2006 through European record label Underground Symphony Records.

In 2008 Skiltron released their second album Beheading the Liars, and two years later in 2010, their third album The Highland Way, each album continually building on the band's unique style and sound.

Most of the early gigs took place in Argentina, featuring shows with Grave Digger, In Extremo, Martin Walkyier and Korpiklaani, with whom the band shared a South American tour in 2010.
In 2012 Skiltron made their European live debut playing a UK tour with Martin Walkyier (ex-Sabbat, Skyclad) as a guest singer.

The new album Into the Battleground will be released in 2013 through Hellion Records, Germany.

Throughout the last 9 years, Skiltron have constantly earned recognition within a scene that is popular in Europe, but still considered a rarity in the rest of the World.