Twilight Guardians - Biography



Technical, hook-laden power metal, any takers? Twilight Guardians certainly hold their own in an over-crowded genre. In the Guardians music there is enough Malmsteen-like classical flair coupled with aggressive, lively playing to grab ones attention and keep it, too. Expect a few unusual twists and turns along the way as well! The band was formed in 1996, making their career span now a respectable 10 years! Encouraged by the positive response to their home recordings, Twilight Guardians released a mini-CD Land of the Kings, and played at the prestigious all-metal festival Nummirock alongside such heavyweights as Hammerfall, Scorpions and Motörhead. The debut album Tales of the Brave, released in 2000, took them on the road again and garnered the attention of press worldwide.

The stature of the band grew steadily and the recordings sessions for their second album began. Finally, after negotiating with different labels, Twilight Guardians signed with Spinefarm Records. With Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Therion, and countless others!) behind the mixing desk, the original recordings were re-mixed to do justice to the flawless performance of the band. The result was the brilliant Wasteland, a great album that brought the band one step closer to power metal stardom. The recordings for Wastelands follower Sin Trade were begun last Summer at the famed Finnish studios Fantom Studio and Sonic Pump Studios. The recordings were finished with mixer Mikko Karmilas and masterer Mika Jussilas professional touch at Finnvox studios. The result is a heavier set of power metal anthems, this time with a progressive twist. Even included is a very Guardians-like cover version of the old Madonna-classic La Isla Bonita! The future looks bright for Twilight Guardians. Be there.