Winter - Biography


New York based Winter were one of the originators of the early doom / death metal sound. The band formed in late 1988 in the New York City / Long Island area. After having released one full-length album they broke up. Their album "Into Darkness" was originally released on cd and cassette in 1990 by Future Shock Records but the label went out of business soon after the release and the album was finally re-released in 1992 by Nuclear Blast. The band probably broke up in 1992. "Into Darkness" was recorded in April and May 1990 at S.O.S. Studios in Hempstead, New York, and produced by the band together with Greg Marchak. It was mastered by Tom Coyne at the Hit Factory in NYC. The artwork was made by Veronica Kross. Alman and Flam wrote all the music for the album while Goncalves was responsible for the lyrics.