Nocte Obducta - Biography


After some time I logged on to their official site and found it there, in replacement of the old one which here on MS is posted as their current logo. Because they disbanded back in 2005, and the last logo posted here says "to year: 2006", that's why I put 2006 on the "From year" box.




Everything started in summer 1993. At this time the band Desîhra was founded playing a mixture of almost every metal style. Even more chaotic than this mixture were its performers, a bunch of guys no older than 16 years with a huge lack of discipline and motivation. Consequently the band broke up in 1995 without ever having played any gigs or recorded any demos.

Some songs of this band were taken up by the following band Nocte Obducta though which was founded by Marcel Vampellans Traumschänder on guitar and vocals and late Desîhra keyboarder Benedikt. After Benedikt dropped out a year later again, Marcel recruited the former Desîhra members Limbach (drums) and S. Magic M. (guitar, formerly bass). The lineup was completed by Torsten on the mic, Alex V. on keys and Sathonys of Agathodaimon on bass. Limbach proved to be unsuitable for the kind of music Marcel had envisioned though and so he was replaced by Matthias Rodig, also of Agathodaimon fame, soon after.

Finally having a working recording lineup the band went into the studio in January 1998. The outcome was the demo "...doch lächeln die blutleeren Lippen / Begräbnisvermählung" which was very well received among the press and resulted in a record deal with Grind Syndicate Media (GSM). In summer 1998 the band went into the Black Solaris Studio in Frankfurt to record the first full length album "Lethe - Gottverreckte Finsternis". Due to loads of troubles and a terrible sound the band decided to record the album again in the Steinberger Studios where the demo was recorded. So the debut album "Lethe" was released later in 1998 and received - again - good reactions.

In spring 1999 Alex left the band, but with Steffen:Emanon a new keyboard player was found very fast. With this new lineup Nocte Obducta recorded the second album "Taverne - In Schatten schäbiger Spelunken" in August 1999 which became "Album of the Month" in the German magazine Legacy and got exclusively positive critics everywhere else as well. A few months later Sathonys had to leave the band and Shin joined as replacement. The work with the record label turned out to be not that positive at all, but the band recorded two albums in one single year nonetheless, namely "Galgendämmerung - Von Nebel, Blut und Totgeburten" and "Schwarzmetall - Ein primitives Zwischenspiel". S. Magic M. left the band during and Shin after the recordings of "Galgendämmerung" which had taken more time than expected. After finishing the work for "Galgendämmerung" Flerik took over the bass guitar. Finally the band had two guitar players with Thomas on the second guitar and was now heading straight towards the fifth album.

In March 2003 Nocte Obducta inked a deal with Supreme Chaos Records and entered the Maranis Studios to record "Stille - Das nagende Schweigen" which was released in July 2003 on CD and vinyl. In February 2004 "Schwarzmetall" was re-released on vinyl due to continuous high demand for the album. In March 2004 the band completed the studio sessions for the two-album masterpiece "Nektar" which was - again - recorded in the Maranis Studios. The first part "Nektar Teil I: Zwölf Monde, eine Handvoll Träume" was released in August 2004. The reactions were totally overwhelming from both, the fans and the press.
In April 2005 the second part of the saga, "Nektar Teil II: Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher" was released. It resulted in even more enthusiastic responses and was an impressive proof of the band's outstanding position within the metal scene.

Despite of all successes the band felt burnt out though due to the perpetual troubles with labels and producers, financial problems and the lack of motivation to fulfill the fans' expectations rather than fulfilling its own visions. Thus the band announced on June 17, 2006 that the band would split up after the recordings of their eighth and final album "Sequenzen einer Wanderung". Unfortunately the aforementioned problems prevailed once again and the recordings had to be postponed - ever since the band is on indefinite hiatus.

Three of the band's members have gathered in Nocte Obducta's official follow-up band, the alternative/progressive rock project Dinner auf Uranos.