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Whorecore - Biography




Whorecore was formed in early 2003. Shortly after the band had established its initial line-up they started playing as many shows as possible with total disregard to the type of audience or venue. After intense months of playing, the band gathered crowds ranging from all over the ever-growing metal, punk and hardcore scenes of Israel, and through that process earned their name as one of Israel's best live acts in those scenes.

In early 2006 Whorecore released their debut CD entitled Protection. The album was recorded independently by the band and some of their close friends and then mixed by the all-mighty Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer) at his own Visceral Sound Studios. April 2006 saw the band going on their first European tour, sharing the stages of Germany, Denmark, Belgium and France with their childhood death metal heroes Macabre, supporting them and Jungle Rot throughout Europe. After parting ways with vocalist and founding member Ariel Ron, the band recruited longtime friend Sven de Caluwe (Aborted, Leng Tch'e) to join in and on the same spirit of new energies and new found power, Whorecore was dead and They:Swarm was founded.

A new name and a new EP entitled The Mundane Corruption was born. The EP was recorded in the Israeli ZAZA Studios and Mastuldio Studios, again by the band and close friends. Mixing was done by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studios in Denmark.

Over the years the band has shared the stage with most of Israel's heavy acts and numerous foreign bands such as Hatebreed, Impaled Nazarene, Pungent Stench, Entombed, Konkhra, Emeth, Ancient and many more. In 2009 more line-up changes hit the band as yet another founding member, lead guitarist Eran Segal and Sven de Caluwe left, the latter departing in order to focus on Aborted. That led the band to go back to their original name and put an end to the "Swarm" period.

"Whore Baby" is the name of the band's latest single, recorded and mixed again by the band and good friend Liron Schaffer of ZAZA Studios. A controversial video clip was also shot for "Whore Baby", featuring the band, some whores and one fat baby. Armed with a new and more aggressive line-up than ever, anger, inspiration, dedication, and years of playing death metal, Whorecore are awaiting the release of their latest full-length album, recorded in 2010.

In September 2012 they released their new album titled Headless.