Tristwood - Biography

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Tristwood was formed in 1996 with the main members Deimon and Neru under the name 'December'. In the early beginnings the band's style was rather traditional in the vein of e.g. Khold, Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem. Their first demo "Torment" was recorded in January 1997 and found its way through the local underground.

The band was temporarily quit until 2001 when Neru and Jegger reformed with the name into "Tristwood". In 2002, Deimon, Jegger and Neru started a pre-production for their upcoming output entitled "Fragments of the Mechanical Unbecoming", a 5-track MCD recorded in summer 2003. By adding programming, synthesizers and sampling, the music style they had reached at this time could be described as a brutal, psychedelic, avant-garde and cold sort of Industrial Black Metal based on the ideas of some futuristic and technocratic dark End time-Stories (e.g. by Eric van Lustbader, Christoph Ransmayr).

In late December 2003 they started their work on "Amygdala", a gripping journey through human illusions and the blackest depths of man's soul. In fact, with this album the band unleashed the logical consequence of "Fragments…" yet reached a new dimension of maturity, mainly by finding a professional singer, Axumis, so that they definitely redefined Tristwood's path of destruction.

In early 2005, they got the idea to re-record some songs written in the Pre- "Fragments…" -Era. So, the "Svarta Daudi" EP was done. This gloomy and heavy mid-tempo piece consisting of 4 songs in 21 minutes was recorded in only 10 hours at Volcano Studio under the influence of loads of alcohol. The track "Svarta Daudi" was exclusively written in honour to their longtime friend Mr. Jack Daniels.

In the middle of 2005 they started to work on their new material in studio. This time the Tristwood sound got an approach with more Death Metal with a technical invention but still retained the grimness of Black Metal. Some advance-songs from this recording were sent to Sound Riot Records, if even no vocals recorded, Sound Riot Records got very impressed with the improvement of the band on this new material, both musically and the production. In September of 2005, Tristwood has been signed to Sound Riot Records. The band has finished the mixing and mastering process of their new album entitled "The Delphic Doctrine" in October/November 2005. The Cyberstorm is scheduled to be out in March 2006. The album will feature 8 songs plus intro and outro in almost 45 minutes of furious onslaught!