Mudvayne - Biography






Mudvyane came out from Peoria, Illinois in 1996 with members Chad Gray (vocals), Gregg Tribbett (guitar), and Mathew McDonough (drums). Ryan Martinie (Bass) replaced the groups original bass two years later. With nicknames in check, Spag (McDonough), Gurrg (Tibbett), Kud (Gray), Ryknow (Martinie), and Garish makeup Mudvayne's hardcore presence became known after their self released album, Kill, I Oughta.

After the debut of their first album, Mudvayne was signed to Epic Records for a major label release of their album L.D. 50 in 2000. With two million albums sold worldwide recognition for the group could not be denied. The album, going on gold in the U.S., notably lead the group to nab the first ever MTV 2 Video Award at the 2001 VMA's. While touring show after show Mudvayne splashed across the covers of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Maxim, Spin, World and many other publications.

In 2001 Beginning of All Things to End was released, and two years later (2002), Mudvayne recorded The End of All Things to Come with Tool producer David Bottrill. Touring heavily in Europe, to promote the album, the band slipped back on home turf just long enough to join the "Summer Sanitarium" tour with rock royalty such as Metallica and Deftones.

The year 2005 brought us the fourth album Lost and Found, and oh yes, we are feeling happy now!

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