Protest The Hero - Biography




The band started as Happy Go Lucky in 2001 and, shortly after, they recorded a 3-track demo (containing the songs "I Detest", "The 5th Commandment" and "Just Defy"). In 2002 they changed their name to PROTEST THE HERO and released their first EP, Search for the Truth 7" vinyl, which included only two songs. They were included in the compilation Notes from the Underground that same year. The day that the band members finished their senior finals, they went on a three-week Rock the Vote tour from Toronto to Halifax to garner recognition and raise awareness for the upcoming Canadian election.

A music video for their song "These Colours Don't Run", from the EP A Calculated Use of Sound, was released in 2003. The video begins with the band discussing the meaning of the song and features the band playing the song live at numerous locations in Toronto, with the album music dubbed over the actual live recording. At each location, the band would hand out lyrics to passers-by and encourage them to listen or sing along.

In 2004 the band recorded their debut album for release the following year. Kezia is a concept album, described by the band members as a "situationist requiem". The album achieved universal acclaim with many reviewers praising the album for its technicality and Walker's vocal range.

After extensive touring the band returned to the studio in 2007 to record their sophomore effort. The resulting album featured 10 tracks that showcased the band heading in a more technical metal style than Kezia. During the Fortress tour the band released a live album, Gallop Meets the Earth, featuring tracks from their first 2 albums. PROTEST THE HERO played Fortress from start to finish at their shows from November 20 to December 23, 2009. This stretch marked the last of the band's shows for a while as they took the first part of 2010 to work on a new album, which was to feature a more progressive sound.

The band officially began recording of their third album on August 30, 2010. On December 15, 2010, Walker posted a video indicating the completion of work on the third album. Scurrilous was released March 22, 2011.

On January 8, 2013, PROTEST THE HERO released the following statement on their Facebook page in regards to their upcoming album in the summer of 2013: "We have some big announcements coming next week concerning our new album - which is a few songs away from being written. We plan on recording in March or April and have a new album out in the summer. We have been recording pre-production with our old friends Cam and Anthony. The material is more challenging than ever before and we know we'll have to work hard to bring it to life. Looking very forward to a bold 2013!"

On January 15, 2013, PROTEST THE HERO announced that their fourth studio album would be crowdfunded through Indiegogo. The band claimed that they want to forgo record companies and that they have "finally decided to take matters into [their] own hands." The album had a fundraising goal of $125,000, a goal that was reached within 30 hours. By the end of their campaign, the band reached $341,146 in fundraising, nearly tripling their original goal.

On June 6, 2013, the band announced in an interview that original drummer and founding member Moe Carlson would part ways with PROTEST THE HERO in order to pursue an education and career in tool and die manufacturing. Instead, Chris Adler of Lamb Of God would be stepping in as his replacement for the recording sessions of the band's new album. On August 15, the official title and release date of the album were announced: Volition to be released on October 29, 2013.

On September 5, 2013, the band released a single titled "Clarity". This marked the beginning of pre-orders for the full album.