Cloudscape - Biography





- "Cloudscape" rose from the ashes of the locally known band "Doctor Weird" who appeared at "Sweden Rock Festival" back in 2000 and played several support gigs to well known bands on the swedish metal scene by members Micael Andersson (Lead Vocals), Björn Eliasson (Guitars), Patrik Svärd (Guitars), Hans Persson (Bass) and Roger Landin (Drums).


- In late 2002 Cloudscape made contact with the production and management company "Roasting house". Cloudscape signed a "option/management agreement" for "Roasting House" in order to let Roasting house introduce Cloudscapes music to the industry.


- Several demo reviews were published in magazines and webzines. Cloudscape got more and more recognized especially on the internet.


- Cloudscape enters the studio at "Roasting house" in Malmoe (Sweden) in the beginning of May. Cloudscape sees the end of a fantastic recording session together with producer Anders "Theo" Theander and co-producer Pontus Lindmark in early June. The album containing 12 songs is completely finished with mixing and mastering in mid July.

- Cloudscape/Roasting House inks a licensing agreement (3 albums) for "Marquee/Avalon" (Japan/Asia) and German label "Metal Heaven" (Europe, 2 albums).

- "Cloudscape" films a video for the song "Under Fire".

- "Cloudscape" releases their debut album all over Asia the 16:th of December 2004.


- "Cloudscape" celebrated the release of their debut album at "The Tivoli" in Helsingborg (Sweden) with approximatley 100 invited guests the 29:th of January.

- "Cloudscape" releases their debut album all over Europe the 31:st of January 2005.

- In October the 2:nd Cloudscape performed live at the indoor festival "Progpower Europe" in The Netherlands (Baarlo). It was the first concert Cloudscape did outside of Sweden


- The recording of the second Cloudscape album entitled "Crimson skies" begins in January and is completely mixed and mastered in late March.

- "Alyson Avenue" vocalist Annette Blyckert guests on "Crimson skies" (Will we remain).

- "Cloudscape" releases "Crimson skies" all over Europe on June 3.

- "Sweden Rock Festival" books Cloudscape for a live performance.

- Cloudscape sings for "Nightmare Records" for the U.S territory