Obscenity - Biography





Obscenity was formed in 1989 with the intention to play brutal Death-Metal.
The first sign of life was the Demo-tape "Age Of Brutality", which was recorded in 1991. The tape got amazing responses in the underground-scene and relevant fanzines.

The overwhelming reactions to "Amputated Souls" made a lot of labels get in contact with the band. So Obscenity picked out the best offer and signed a deal with "West Virginia Records", who released the first album "Suffocated Truth" in December 1992.

Because "West Virginia Records" dissolved in 1993, Obscenity went back to studio to record a second Demo-tape called "Amputated Souls". This tape guided to a new deal with "D&S Records".

In July 1994 "D&S Records" released the second album "Perversion Mankind". The band split up with the label in January 1996, due to unprofessional work and lack of support and signed a new deal with "Morbid Records" one month later.

In June 1996 "The 3rd Chapter" was released. This album proved, that Obscenity belongs without any doubts to Germany's leading Death-Metal acts. With "The 3rd Chapter" the band finally found their today well known style, which means the combination of the brutality of American bands and European virtuosity.

To bridge the time to the next studio album, the band produced two video-clips for the songs "Disgrace Over You" and "Schattenspiele". These two clips and an interview were released in form of the home-video "Whipped, raped… obscene" in December 1996. The two video-clips were also broadcasted on many TV-shows like "Metalla" on "VIVA-Television" for example).

In the summer of 1997 the band renewed their agreement with "Morbid Records" and recorded their fourth album "Human Barbecue".

Because of the tenth anniversary and a lot requests from all over the world, Obscenity decided to release the CD "Demo-Niac" in May 1999, which featured their two demos "Age Of Brutality" and "Amputated Souls".

One year later the waiting for new material of the band was over. "Intense" saw the light of day.

What followed were two successful Headliner-Tours with labelmates HYPNOS through the Czech Republic and Germany.

In the fall of 2001 the band returned to the mighty "Soundlodge Studio" to record their most brutal album "Cold Blooded Murder",
including skullcrushing Death-Metal hymns like "The Arrival", "My Dark One" or "Sleepwalker". As always this album got fantastic reviews in the Metal media. The album was well promoted on the "No Mercy-Festivals 2002" (with [band]Immortal, Hypcrisy, Malevolent Creation, etc.) and as the support act from Six Feet Under on their summer-tour in 2003.

Some of the outstanding moments in the history of Obscenity were their show on the "Fuck The Commerce-Festival 2001" in front
of more than 3000 freaking out maniacs, the mainstage-show on the "With Full Force Open-Air 2002" with more than 20000
headbangers and the concert on the "Wacken:Open:Air 2003" to name a few.

The war-machine Obscenity is hungrier than ever to reign the Death-Metal world with an iron and bloody fist. It is for sure that the new tracks, written for the upcoming album, will take the headbanging community by storm. After fifteen years of pure Death-Metal-Mayhem, the story has just begun.

So run for cover and stay obscene…

(source: http://www.obscenity.de)