Crimsonfire - Biography


The formation of crimsonfire is really a combination of fate, chance and coincidence. The founding members Louie, Anthony and Diane first crossed paths in the winter of 1997, where Louie auditioned for a band that Anthony and Diane were in called "Crystal Chamber." Although being impressed with Louie's vocal abilities, it wasn't meant to be - as another opportunity had arisen for Louie, who went to pursue and work in a Bon Jovi tribute band.

15 months later - in the spring of 1998 - after listening to Bruce Dickinson's chemical wedding and not working in a tribute band anymore - Louie's aspirations turned to form a metal band. Having remembered the musical abilities and professional attitudes of Anthony and Diane, Louie was curious to what they were currently up to. So after all that time - Louie contacted Anthony, mistakenly asking for Simon, and a meeting was arranged with Anthony and Diane. They quickly clicked on a musical and personal level and began discussing their intentions of forming a metal band, as well our musical style /direction.

In the next few months the name was created and the first four Crimsonfire songs were written - as well as the introduction of bass player Paul, who answered one of our adverts and undertook an unusual audition process - by auditioning us. Having liked the band and the band liking his abilities - it was a go ahead, Pauly was an ex- covers bassist and now a bass played for a metal band, leaving the painful task of finding a great drummer- and a great drummer we did find.

Long time friend and former band mate of Anthony - drummer Dominic (who had just departed from a metal band in Melbourne) was introduced to Crimsonfire. Having being impressed with his drumming abilities and Dom displaying keen interest in the bands direction / style - crimsonfire were more than happy have Dom as the new drummer, and by the winter of 1999 crimsonfire was a full line up. "Finding a line up with all members having the same attitude of professionalism , is probably harder than winning a lottery ticket - as five of us may have learnt at some point early in our music careers. In Crimsonfire there is no bullshit / or egos - but five people pursuing a passion they believe in"- says Louie.

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