Vastator - Biography

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The history begins at 1986 in Santiago of Chile, when lived the rise of thrash metal.

Mr. Diaz (Nelson D'Aldunce), Sergio Bustamante, Gerardo Barrenechea and Package Hormazabal unite to form Vastator, inspired by the british heavy metal and the american thrash. The band maked a difference in their proposal, that led them to become a fundamental pillar of rock in Chile during the eighties.

Accompanied by the "Allied Hordes" (his fans club), Vastator made performances in Chile, visited countries and recorded some demos that now are considered collector's Items.

- El Profanador (1987)
- Inconsciencia Asesina (1988)
- Máxima Entropía (1989)

After four grueling years, the band dissolves, leaving a gap in the Chilean scene.

In 1998 the group rises from its own ashes with their faces painted and covered with leather, assuming the role of cult band, and establish itself as a Chilean metal Heroes.The release of their comeback album is accompanied by the departure of Paquete who is replaced by Peyote Barrera in the same year.

In 2001 Night of San Juan is also accompanied by the departure of one member of the original member, Sergio Bustamante, who was replaced by Francisco Gutierrez.

Today, Vastator has three albums, have enjoyed great public and critical in Chile and abroad.

- Guía Para Odiar a tu Prójimo (1998)
- Night of San Juan (2001)
- Hell Only Knows (2007)

Agreements with international labels (INFERNO in France and American Line in Mexico) have enabled the internationalization of the sound of the band unprecedented step that led to Mexico for the first time.

After the publication of Hell Only Knows Francisco Gutierrez was replaced by Felipe Hernandez who quickly integrates and permeates the spirit of Vastator.

Today, are ad portas to launching a new work "Hell Machine", which promises to represent a new step in the evolution of the band.

Vastator's today

Mr. Díaz (voice)
Gerardo Barrenechea (batery)
Peyote Barrera (bass)
Felipe Hernandez (guitar)