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Squealer - Biography




After the release of "Under the Cross" (2002) the guys from Squealer got an offer for a tour support that every rock musician would be jolly as a sandboy.

"What? Judas Priest asked us, if we were interested in being their support act for the upcoming tour ? - Somebody is making fun with us !! " - was the dialog between singer "Henner" and guitar player Michael the same as the implied message which came into the office. Originally, Squealer put in an application for the support of a single Judas Priest show in France and sent the new album to Judas Priest and their management. After receiving the CD, Squealer really got the offer to support the rest of the tour. Some filled applewine (German wine delicacy) which was standing on the bar in Squealer's rehearsal room has never been seen from this day on.

In February and March 2002, the band played the tour with priest. Squealer got a full hour playing time and lots of fun and amazing moments from Judas Priest and their fans. After the tour and some festival gigs, singer Henner took a short time out because of longer than usual hospital stay. In the middle of 2003, the band began to start with the songwriting of a new Squealer record which release date was originally planned for the end of 2004 / beginning of 2005.

Everything seemed to be going really well, even though the songwriting was taking a little longer than expected, we were moving in a positive direction until the 16th of January 2005 - the blackest day in Squealer's band history.

The plan for this day was to play a small surprise show for a big fan of the band who was celebrating his 50th birthday that evening. On the way to the festivity, singer Andy "Henner" Allendörfer had a car accident because of black ice and died at the scene of the accident. Henner had just turned 38 years old.

For the publicity it was clear, this was the end of the band Squealer. "Henner" was an important person for the band and he was a good friend, too. The band decide to take a break to mourn for "Henner" and to get a free head.

After a few months the band decided to start again with a new singer. It would never enter "Henners" mind to quit the band and end Squealer on a sad note. The important job facing us was to find a singer which could be integrated into the music of Squealer and fit the bands personality. No one can personify "Henner." So it was important to find a person with his own personality. The band received so many letters and mail from friends, fans and other musicians to keep Squealer alive.

At this time the band Grip Inc. was dissolved and Gus Chambers was free to start up in a new band. The band already had contact with him and had knew him for quite some time. The contact came through Mike Terrana who had played the drums on the last two Squealer releases and knew Gus from the scene in Dortmund. So the band gave Gus the latest album and some basic tracks of the new material.

For Gus, Squealer was not an unknown band , He liked the new material alot and his opinion was: "It is a mix between the last Squealer CD and has some similarities of Grip Inc. which suits his style of singing. At last they had a meeting in the nice quiet hometown of Squealer and had a rehearsal. After a short time they found out that they had the same enthusiasm and goals as each other. Some bottles (of applewine) later…

…the guys were united and everyone wanted to give their very best from the start At this time Martin Buchwalter (dr) became a fixed member, too. In the last years he was always ready to play live with the band and now he is a full time member in Squealer.

The new line up already kicked some ass on different gigs, festivals and a small tour in May 2006. Now the Band finished the studio work for the new album "Confrontation Street" exactly 1 year after the line up change. The bands name was changed into Squealer A.D., because the guys want to show that they want to be faithful with the style of Squealer, but the loss of the singer will ring in a new time in the bands development.

"Confrontation Street" will be the hardest album in the bands history so far and it's music as well as it's lyrics reflect the aggression which rules the day to day life of millions of people in many countries at this point of time.
The album was recorded and mixed in "Gernhart Studios" in Siegburg by Martin Buchwalter (Victor Smolski, Fire In The Attic, Perzonal War) and it was mastered in "Monoposto Studios" (a.o. Toten Hosen, Beatstakes) in Düsseldorf.