Blood Stain Child - Biography




Blood Stain Child is a Japanese, melodic death metal band from the city of Osaka. The band formed under the name VISIONQUEST in 1999 but later renamed itself to Blood Stain Child in 2000.

Their unique style of music combines a variety of heavy metal elements such as melodic death metal, melodic black metal and power metal. A stand-out feature of Blood Stain Child is their tendency to incorporate both dance and trance related themes into their music.

The band boasts strong death vocals alongside clean, fast drumming and a variety of guitar techniques ranging far and wide. To add to their already one of a kind sound, high-tempo electrifying guitar solos and delicate symphonic keyboard arrangements are also featured in their songs.

Little is known about the foundings of Blood Stain Child, but they are gathering an ever growing fan base across the world including in countries like the United States, England, Scotland and Australia.

With influences such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, HIM, X Japan, and Luna Sea the band continues to shape into a form of its own. Idolator, their newest release, and European debut, was jointly produced with Tue Madsen and has given the band a higher level of success. The band has yet to release an album in the U.S. but are looking forward to it.