The 3rd And The Mortal - Biography




Often described simply as 'unclassifiable' Norway's THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL operated with Progressive Doom waters for their first releases but would soon introduce more cultured Folk influences. Latter recordings would be predominantly acoustic in nature shedding the greater degree of formative Metal leanings.

THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL was founded in 1993 by vocalist KARI RUESLATTEN. Following the 1994 'Tears Laid In Earth' album Rueslatten departed for a solo career. The singer would also front the 'Folk Black' project STORM alongside Fenriz of DARKTHRONE and Satyr from SATYRICON for the 'Nordavind' album. Since going solo Rueslatten has enjoyed measurable commercial success being signed to the major Sony label for a string of albums.

Ruselatten was replaced by in THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL by Anne-Marie Edvardsen who debuted on the 1995 mini album offering 'Nightswan'. During 1998 the band would be picked up by the Japanese Avalon Marquee label, licensing the 'In This Room' album. The Avalon Marquee version would come clad in all new artwork and featured an extra, if mis-credited, bonus track 'Elephantine Waltz'.

Following this release all remained quiet on the band front. Edvardsen would in fact depart to forge the experimental Metal band TACTILE GEMMA, a union with multi-instrumentalist Rune Sörgård and and sibling Monika Edvardsen of the equally renowned ATROX. TACTILE GEMMA debuted in November 2001 with an eponymous album for French label Season Of Mist.

Guitarist Trond Engrum and drummer Rune Hoemsnes busied themselves with a Hard Rock side project dubbed KANE. In May of 1999 bassist Bernt Rundberget would also make his exit to concentrate on studies. His position was duly filled by Eirik of HEDGE HOG as THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL geared up for a 2002 album 'Memoirs'. Throughout September and October of 2002 the band toured Germany on a package billing in alliance with THE LOVELESS, AUTUMNBLAZE and EWIGHEIM.