Eyefear - Biography



Eyefear was formed in the summer of ..94 by Con Papazoglou, Rob Gorham and Zain Kimmie along with a couple of friends. After months of rehearsing and playing various local gigs, the band entered Toyland Studios and recorded their debut album, ..Edge Of Existence.., between Nov ..95 and March ..96. The album was filled with well thought-out power metal compositions with focus on melody and powerful dual guitars. Mail started pouring in, and the interest around the world was enormous. Magazines like Heavy Oder Was, Rock Hard and Metal Invader gave it rave reviews. Unfortunately though, things took a sudden change - and by 1997 the original line-up of Eyefear fell apart. By 1998 the remaining members of Eyefear (Con, Rob and Zain) decided to give it another shot, and hooked up with a new guitarist and another singer. Experimentation with sounds and other effects whilst recording ..Edge Of Existence.. had opened up unexplored territory to the band. They discovered that other musical influences and sounds would add great depth to their repertoire. They needed something else to give them a truly ..BIG.. sound, and to embellish the dramatic and ever changing nature of their music. By mid ..98 the solution was clear; the band needed to add a keyboardist to the line-up. Attacking guitar, soaring harmonies, rhythmic power and percussion, thoughtful lyrics delivered with a versatile vocal arrangements - all of these things were already there to set the scene for a new musical direction. Eyefear were certainly back. The truth is, they never really went away, but time had chosen this moment for a new return. Work immediately began on a new crop of songs, which eventually lead to the self produced EP, ..Dawn - A New Beginning.., a very suitable title indeed!!! This EP was originally recorded more for promotional purposes and to showcase the new members. Each of these songs displays dramatically the maturity and technical proficiency now present in their music. But just as things were headed in the right direction, again there were to be more line up changes, as the 3 latest arrivals had to leave the band. Although faced with bad odds Rob, Zain and Con continued rehearsing. Their love for the band had never died, and again went in search for new members. By September 2000 new vocalist Danny Cecati came on board. Thus opening yet another new chapter in Eyefear. Danny used to be the front man for the Australian metal band Pegazus and it was well known that he was in search for the right band that would show his true worth. He brings a wealth of talent, experience, professionalism and knowledge. He has given both old and new material the energy and power it had needed. A new keyboardist was found in Sam Giaccotto, who is the perfect match for the band, and it..s certain that in the future he..ll have a huge influence on the sound of Eyefear. At the end of 2003 the band started to mail out their 3-song promotional CD featuring some fresh new recordings, to selected people in the business, thus catching the immediate interest of Danish based metal-agency Instrumental Management. ..9 Elements Of Inner Vision.. has been recorded and produced at Palm Studios, Australia by Enmdel Rivers (Vanishing Point, Black Majesty), and it was mixed at Los Angered Studios, Sweden by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death). The album features backing vocals of Black Majesty..s killer vocalist Gio Cavaliere. This is one true masterpiece of progressive metal with lots of melodies and a power-metal attitude. ..9 Elements Of Inner Vision.. will undoubtedly become the break-thru of this hard working band - and they sure deserve it :-) Since it ..s release not only has Eyefear received rave reviews and attention but also it..s guitarist Kosta has attracted and been endorsed by the following companies, Hughes & Kettner , Caparison Guitars and Dean Markley strings.

(Source: www.myspace.com/eyefear)