War From A Harlots Mouth - Biography



War From A Harlots Mouth is a German metalcore band from Berlin, formed in 2005. Consisting of vocalist Nico Webers, guitarists Simon Hawemann and Daniel Oberländer, bassist Filip Hantusch, and drummer Paule Seidel, the band is noted for a distinct musical style consisting of infusing many different genres into their songs, such as math metal, death metal, and jazz.

Three months later the guys recorded a few tracks as a three-piece at Berlin's famous Dailyhero Recordings. After the tracks got online on their MySpace, some kind of hype raised up and helped them to get the attention and finally a deal with Twelve Gauge Records from California, USA. On this dedicated and hard working independent label WFAHM released a Split-CD with Molotov Solution from Las Vegas in august 2006...a perfect collaboration! Meanwhile the lineup was completed by a second guitar player and a bass player.

Various shows and festivals all over Germany followed, besides shows in Austria and Poland...with bands like The Chariot, Architects, Scars of Tomorrow and their friends Time has come and After Rising Sun. In the meantime WFAHM wrote new material for an upcoming full length debut, to be released worldwide in September 2007 by their new found home Lifeforce Records! Listen to a few pre-production demo songs on the band's own MySpace very soon. Expect them to be more brutal, relentless, experimental and versatile than previous material...and now that's a promise!

(source: http://www.lifeforcerecords.com/bands/35)