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Cardamon - Biography



Early 2004, Thomas Kalksma and Koen Romeijn from renowned metal band Detonation came up with the idea to form a new band. But not just another metal band, the general idea was to form a band in which Thomas and Koen could experiment with more mellow and laid back music and explore the rock genre as well aside from their usual heavy metal style. The decision to search for a "clean singing" vocalist was therefore easily made. The first ideas and song structures that were written, were obviously way too melancholic for typical metal vocals....;)

A short period of time later, the band ran into Floortje Donia, who knew Thomas and Koen from years before. Thomas was aware that Floortje had been singing in a band before, and asked if she was interested in joining the band. After doing a short try-out session with Floortje, it became obvious that this was going to work for the band.

During the following months, Thomas, Floortje and Koen came together a couple of times to work on basic songstructures and general song ideas. From these sessions, 3 melancholic songs were created and recorded at Thomas' home studio. Later on, the band recorded these 3 tracks at the Excess studios in Rotterdam, together with producer Hans Pieters. In the meantime the decision was finally made to name the band "Cardamon".

After a while, Thomas, Floortje and Koen started the difficult search for a suitable and qualified 2nd guitarplayer. Several guitarists auditioned and tried to fill the vacant spot, but in the meantime Cardamon managed to recruit Patrick Velis on bass guitar.

Bass player Patrick Velis joined the band, while the search for a 2nd guitar player was still going on. In March 2006 the band finally found a suitable guitarist in the person of Kevin Storm. With the addition of Patrick and Kevin, Cardamon set their minds on recording a full-length album in 2006, and doing as many shows as possible to gain experience in the live-circuit.

Right now, the debut full length album The Primrose Path has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Excess studios, Rotterdam. The album contains 11 melancholic and rock solid songs, with beautiful melodies, heavy riffs and powerful drumming, and the chanting voice of singer Floortje! Meanwhile Patrick unfortunately decided to leave due to personal affairs, but a new bass player has already stepped in to fill the gap. His name his Bram, more info about him soon!