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Drautran - Biography


Drautran was formed in winter 1996 by five free-thinking individuals, who shared the mutual idea of creating particular and extreme metal music, mainly Doom and Black . Of these founding-members, Winter [lead guitars/ keys], Arn [rhythm guitars] and Blutaar [vocals] are still participating today . The last full-hearted founder was Doomguard [bass] . A few months later, Oluf [vocals] was engaged as the second vocalist . At once, the first song structures and lyrics were written and rehearsals started . Unfortunately, the problem of a missing drummer remained unsolved, presenting an impending delay to our path .

Many drummers tried to join the ranks of Drautran, but none of them was competent enough to fulfil the band's demands or met all necessary individual requirements . Some stayed longer, some left instantly . Nevertheless, Mondgarmr [keys] enhanced our ranks, ready to add his talented visions .

Eventually, the band's old friend Finnskald filled the vacant position of the drummer to accelerate the band's continuous efforts to improve and develop . Sadly, he soon had to leave the drummer's seat due to health problems . Anyway, a long period of creativity and progress had begun . In winter, the acquaintance with a newly won friend brought the light at the end of the tunnel : Orloc [battery] joined the band in later that year . Finally, the line-up was complete and a new era was approaching .

With a complete line-up, the musical and lyrical concept's completion was just a matter of time; the common urge was to express the band's version of fast, epic and cold music and to complete material for a first demonstration release . The first professional recording sessions were made under the guidance of professional studio technician Ali Orhan .

The self-produced demo "Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde" ["Under the banner of the North winds"] was unleashed in February that year . The response among fans & press was overwhelmingly positive, leaving few unconstructive voices of envy and mockery aside . While the production was still raw, it had a dense and powerful character at the same time . Both Underground and commercial record companies showed interest in a cooperation, yet Drautran declined in favour of staying independent . Fore sure, no commercial success was made [ something that has never been the aim ] .
But among fans and collectors alike, the demo is said to be one of the best and most variable underground records ever to be released in Germany, reminding of such great acts as Emperor, Enslaved, Abigor, Nagelfar or even In the Woods… . As a matter of fact and in lack of a better description, both people & us used to say it was a release of fast and epic Pagan Black Metal . It was praised for being composed with great musicianship, attention to detail and passion whilst the atmosphere created was said to be splendorous . Many claimed the demo is still unmatched with its epic, monumental energy, while its aesthetical approach is completed by its impetuous and infelt poetic lyrics and a plain, but affectionate layout . In any way, it became a rare and demanded jewel in the Extreme Metal scene . A few months later Oluf left the band because of his studies . He was replaced by a good friend named Thamuz [vocals] .

Due to some unsolvable and outermost unpreventable personal conflicts inside the band's ranks, Doomguard [bass] had to leave the band . Finnskald was hired to fill the vacant position, something which proved to be an adequate long-term solution for the years to come . In the same year, a short tour with one of Germany's greatest Pagan Metal bands, Thuringian Menhir, was absolved . Furthermore, Drautran were invited to play at the Party San Festival in August . Although Drautran were playing at high noon, the gig was rewarded a great success by many .

Drautran's plans to work on a new release were becoming more and more ambitious . Eagerly, new songs were written and completed. Only a few concerts were played in winter . Additionally, the song "Moment der Hysterie" was covered . It was meant to be part of a tribute compilation in honour of German Nagelfar [ R.I.P. ] , one of the first great Pagan Metal bands in Germany . . .

Amidst the full-scale songwriting process, Mondgarmr [keys] decided to leave the band . Winter took over the synths , while this position was taken live by our old friend Magnus - he proved well for the first time at the great Av Is Og Ild Festival that year .

After five long years, Drautran entered a [quite familiar, but massively improved] studio again and the recordings for the highly anticipated "Throne of the Depths" started at Lambda Base Studio in our home town Kiel, again under the aegis of Ali Orhan .
After a decade of existence it seems to be clear that the weaving spell of the three Norns have created a particular way to expand our band history : For several reasons, the album's release was delayed .

Ultimately, all preparations made to self-release "Throne of the Depths" came to an end, both mixing, producing and layout processes were finished . The band's anxiety to release this first official and somehow more professional release was shared by many fans and friends alike . For sure, Drautran's aesthetic vitality would combine traces of the band's early intoxicating intensity on the one hand, and then the composing and technical progress of the nearly 8 years gone by on the other hand - an inspiring synthesis of nostalgia and innovation, neither afraid of breaking any boundaries nor styles .
Additionally, after so many years, the lyrical concept had also matured somehow and reached a new level of thoughtful and occult depth, now presenting a rather arcane form of spirituality, also taking up contemporary aspects of neo-paganism and natural philosophy of the 21st century . Sadly, due to lack of motivation, Thamuz [vocals] had to leave the band silently . In late August, all of a sudden, old bonds were reaffirmed and a quite old idea was reawakened : Drautran joined ranks with Lupus Lounge/ Prophecy Productions, an wholehearted record company Drautran always appreciated and looked upon with high respect . Consequently, "Throne of the Depths" was released and promoted by Lupus Lounge, release date was the 29th of October . A five-album contract had been agreed upon, as well as a dignified re-release of the demo . So, Drautran is looking forward to a mutual positive and seminal experience ! Nevertheless, at the present state of mind and due to the current line-up status (including no active drummer), Drautran will NOT perform live .