The Red Chord - Biography



The Red Chord was formed in Revere, Massachusetts in 1999 by vocalist Guy Kozowyk and guitarist Kevin Rampelberg. One year later, the band was joined by second guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie, bassist Adam Wentworth and drummer Mike Justian. The band's name is derived from Alban Berg's opera Wozzeck, "in which a schizophrenic man slits his lover's throat, then reverts to his normal self and asks, "My love, what is that red cord across your neck?"." The debut album Fused Together in Revolving Doors was recorded with producer Andrew Schneider in December 2001 and released by Robotic Empire record label. With the debut album, The Red Chord gained a substantial fanbase.

In early 2004, Wentworth and Justian announced their withdrawal from The Red Chord and the band found replacements in bassist Gregory Weeks and drummer Jon Dow. In April that year, The Red Chord toured with Six Feet Under and others. The debut album was re-released with demo tracks, a full concert performance and the video clip for "Dreaming In Dog Years". In March, the band signed to Metal Blade. John Longstreth replaced Dow in May but exited in September. The Red Chord entered Planet Z Studios in Hadley, Massachusetts on November 1 with Brad Fickeisen as a new drummer and recorded their second album Clients, which subsequently sold over 50,000 copies in the US.

2005 started with American tours and resumed on European tours in December. The band filmed a promotional video for the track "Antman" with director Dave Brodsky. The tour continued in North America through February 2006 until Ozzfest in June. In February 2007, guitarist Jonny Fay decided to quit the band and was replaced by Mike Keller. In May 2007, the band went on another tour to Europe. The third album, Prey for Eyes, was released on July 24. The group parted ways with guitarist Mike Keller in early September and decided not to replace him.

The band's fourth album, Fed Through The Teeth Machine, was recorded in early to mid-2009 at Backyard Studios in Milford, New Hampshire, which is owned by the band's former guitarist Jonny Fay. The album was released on October 27, 2009. Kozowyk says the new songs are more intense and mature than those the previous album. "It's faster and heavier, but it's definitely groove-oriented and melodic where it needs to be," he commented. Fed Through the Teeth Machine sold around 3,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release and debuted at No. 180 on the Billboard 200 chart.