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Mortal Sin - Biography



The Past:
Mortal Sin grew out of the western suburbs of Sydney in the mid 80's and by 1987 had become the country's most important extreme metal act. With original members Campbell, Eftichiou, Maurer, Carwana & Krstin. Mortal Sin rose to the top of the scene with their Metallica inspired debut Mayhemic Destruction, which found favour offshore and won them an international record deal. Shortly after it was released Krstin was replaced by ex-Slaughter Lord member Mick Burke and the band solidified their reputation by supporting Metallica in 1989. Shortly after releasing Face of Despair, Steve Hughes (also ex-Slaughter Lord) replaced Campbell and Mortal Sin toured Europe with Testament and Faith No More, but upon returning home Maurer expressed displeasure with the line-up and left. In 1991 Eftichiou recorded and gigged with a completely different line-up which brought the ire of the rest of the former members who laid claim to the name. Despite a legal dispute, an album and single were released before it ground to a halt. Mortal Sin reformed in late 1996 with four of the original members in Maurer, Campbell, Eftichiou and Carwana along with Anthony Hoffman. Carwana's stay was brief before he was replaced by Troy Scerri. A mini-album Revolution of the Mind was released which featured re-recordings of early songs, reworked demos and two new originals.

The Present:
In February 2004 Mortal Sin Resurfaced featuring a line-up of Maurer, Campbell, Eftichiou & former Addictive guitarists Joe Buttigieg & Mick Sultana.
The first show back was filmed & released on a limited DVD Out of the Darkness.
In February 2005 Mortal Sin were inducted into the Hall Of Fame at the Metal for the Brain & Kerrang Australian Heavy Metal Awards, Soon after the band parted ways with
original drummer Campbell & guitarist Buttigieg, with replacements found in Luke Cook (drums) & Nathan Shea (guitar). 6 weeks later toured Australia with Metal icons Anthrax. Mortal Sin then entered the studios in October with producer Phil McKellar to record a CD single Out of the Darkness. After a show in Hamburg & an appearance at the infamous Wacken Open Air Festival, The Mortals returned to the studio once again with Producer Phil McKellar to complete the long awaited new album. Opening for Slayer & Mastodon in April, 2007 then signed with German label Armageddon Music & Riot Entertainment within Australia for the release of An Absence of Faith. Then returned to Europe & toured with New York Thrash Kings Overkill, also appearing at Metal Mania Festivals in both Czech Republic & Poland,
& the Inferno Festival, Norway.