The Ruins Of Beverast - Biography




After the German band Nagelfar called it quits, Alexander Von Meilenwald decided to keep the flame burning. This time he wanted to do it all by himself, resulting in the one-man-band The Ruins Of Beverast, originated in 2003. Taking Black Metal on a whole new level of misery, his first full length "Unlock The Shrine" was received with praise. Before that, he had already recorded the "Furious Waves On Damnation", also available on the die-hard edition of "Unlock..".

The second release saw the unholy light of day in the year 2006, bearing the title "Rain Upon The Impure". This marked a slight deviation in direction, Alex had decided to follow a more experimental path. While the debut album was already a seventy minute grand opus, "Rain.." clocked in at a whopping eighty minutes of depressive tunes for the downfall.