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Carnal Forge - Biography



Stefan Westerberg and Jari Kuusisto formed Carnal Forge in 1997. Both Jari and Stefan wanted to do something different besides the bands that they already were involved in (In Thy Dreams & Steel Attack).

After testing some guys they finally started to get the band together. Johan Magnusson, Dennis Vestman (Steel Attack) & Jonas Kjellgren (Centinex & Dellamorte) joined the band and Carnal Forge was formed.

Shortly thereafter they started to record their first and only demo-tape (Sweet Bride) in Studio Underground, Västerås, Sweden. The demo tape was sent to a few different labels and after just a few days Wrong Again Records called, 'cause they really wanted to work with the guys. After all the paper work where done they started to work on the material for what would become ten so violent songs that even themselves where a bit surprised.

Carnal Forges debut album finally got the title "Who's Gonna Burn" and also this one was recorded in Studio Underground. After the release CF really got great reviews, and were about to get the band a name when something happened and they just disappeared for almost two years. Under that period CF left Wrong Again to seek after some new labels.

Lets go to the year 2000. CF had under the long sleep written some new material and already started and finished the recording of a new album when Dennis told the guys that he wanted to leave the band and do something else besides CF. Fortunately Jari's brother was really interested in taking Dennis place, and there was hardly any discussion about that because Jari and the rest of the guys knew that Petri Kuusisto was a really great bass player (Also in In Thy Dreams) so Dennis place was filled and CF was whole again.

The new album was titled "Firedemon" and once again it was recorded in Studio Underground. CF sent the album to some different labels and Century Media Record swallowed the bait. Shortly after the signing with Century Media Record's Carnal Forge did a 17 gig's long European tour, supporting The Haunted and Nile. After the Tour CF started to make material for the 3:rd album. While the new songs started to take shape Johan Magnusson left the band and former bass player Petri took over the guitar duties.

Lars Lindén (ex guitarist of Rosicrucian & Slapdash) a good friend to the guys in CF were asked to join the band as the new bass player but Lars had to learn both new and old song really fast because a new recording date and some gig's were already booked. He took the challenge and after the recording of CF 3:rd album "Please... Die!" he became a regular member of the band. Lars is also working in Studio Underground as a producer/engineer, and he made the "Firedemon" artwork as well as the "please… die!" artwork.

"Please... Die!" is Carnal Forge's 3:rd album and the best so far.
The songs are the fastest that the band has written so far and much better than the previous album "Firedemon".

Please... Die! Contains 12 deadly catchy songs that will take you to a new dimension of Metal. The album was ones again recorded in Studio Underground and CF promises you that the sound is even better than on "Firedemon".

Ok! I think the story ends here this time but stay awake, I can promise You that CF is here to hit the earth without paying any attention to who's in their way!!!!!!!!!!!!!