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It all began in a small town called Höör in back 1995, when four young Swedes decided to form a band. Andreas Edlund, Martin Hanner, Jonas Sjögren and Tobias Björk were friends since school and had similar taste in music. Andreas and Martin became the main songwriters of the band and the music of Skyfire was to be influenced by a lot of various genres. When the band decided to record the first demo, the search for a singer was intensified. Eventually Mattias Holmgren, the singer/drummer of Embracing (also drums on Naglfar's "Vittra"), was contacted and he was willing to perform on the demo.

The recording took place at TMS Recording in Hässleholm in December 1997 and the result was called "Within Reach". Since the band wasn't satisfied with the result, mostly because the material was ambivalent, the band took a direction towards heavier and more energetic music.

The next demo was recorded in Studio Powernest, located in Andreas' basement. This time it was Henrik Wenngren (Mornaland) who auditioned for the vocals and he turned out to be perfect! The demo was called "The Final Story" and consisted of only two tracks plus an intro. In spite of the short running time of the demo, it got great reviews in numerous magazines.

Meanwhile, the band had got in touch with some band members of Thyrfing. This great Viking metal act, from the capital of Sweden, appreciated the music of Skyfire and sent the demo to their record label, Hammerheart Records in Holland. After a while Skyfire was contacted by the HHR-crew about a contract and after some consideration the deal was on.

The band immediately contacted Tommy Tägtgren of the Abyss studio for the recording of their debut album. During two weeks in August 2000, the band recorded what was to become "Timeless Departure". With these fantastic nine tracks, of about 42 minutes in total, this album was unleashed upon the world on March 12th 2001. "Timeless Departure" became a great success all over the world and the response from media and fans was overwhelming. Almost two years later, it was time for Skyfire's second release "Mind_Revolution" and it takes off where "Timeless Departure" landed. The recordings were once again done in "The Abyss" together with Tommy Tägtgren during three weeks of September 2002. With new drummer (Joakim Jonsson) and an improved sound, "Mind_Revolution" was released on May 5th 2003. Since then, Skyfire has toured in Europe and South Korea and gained many fans on the road.

Now it's time to release the third album, under a new banner and with new strength. The album will be recorded at Los Angered and Studio Underground, and mastered by Peter In de Betou. The release date is set at May 10th 2004.

to be continued...

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