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Hermética - Biography




Hermética was an Argentine band considered to be one of the most important bands in the history of Argentine heavy metal.

After the dissolution of V8 in 1986, its members split and former their own groups; Osvaldo Civile created Horcas, Alberto Zamarbide, Miguel Roldán and Adrián Cenci formed Logos and Gustavo Rowek and Walter Giardino created Rata Blanca. Bass player Ricardo Iorio formed Hermética in 1987, together with Antonio Romano at guitars, Fabián Spataro in drums and Claudio O'Connor for vocals.

The first time they played in public was in a pub located in San Martín, Gran Buenos Aires, in May 1988, with songs composed by themself and covers of V8. By the end of the year, Antonio Scotto took Spataro's place, playing the drums. In 1989 they recorded their first album.

During the summer of 1990, they toured with The Widow Maker (Pappo's band) through some Argentine provinces, where they introduced some material of the second album. For the recording of Ácido Argentino (1991) Claudio Strunz (ex-Heinkel) took over the drums. This album was introduced to the public by the end of December, in a concert at Cemento.

In 1992 they played as support band for Black Sabbath and Motörhead at "Obras". In 1993 they recorded a live album in Stadium, and in 1994 they supported international bands at the Buenos Aires Monsters of Rock festival, of which KISS, Black Sabbath and Slayer participated. They also filled the stadium Obras by themselves, and during this event the band recorded live the tracks of a future live album.

In total, they recorded eight albums before splitting up, the most successful of which was Víctimas del Vaciamiento (1994). Ricardo Iorio started another band, Almafuerte, while the other members created Malón, from where O'Connor left to play solo.

After the break up the live album recorded at Obras was released as Lo Último ("The Last [thing]"), the following year. That was intended to be the band's last album, but it wasn't: the same concert was released as a double live album, tittled "En Concierto". The difference between both is that the first CD was edited and improved in the studio to match the quality of a regular studio CD, while the other one was released with the raw sound of the live band without changes.