Gates Of Winter - Biography




In the past two years, GATES OF WINTER have written and recorded rich, symphonic metal songs that have taken metal fans everywhere by storm. They've captured the imagination and earned respect throughout Ontario with their intense, high-energy live performance. The band will stop at nothing to become the latest Canadian metal phenomena and global success. Their drive to create melodic, symphonic metal knows no bounds!

Hailing from Northern Ontario, Canada, GATES OF WINTER began when Bryan and Steve met through a mutual friend in 2003. The following summer, Lee and Brian joined the band bringing their knowledge of classical music resulting in a more epic, orchestral sound. Through subsequent member changes, GATES OF WINTER remain standing tall awaiting the final link, to be announced to the world in June 2008.

While their debut album 'LUX AETERNA' is scheduled for release in January 2008, the singles 'Life Force Rapture' and instrumental 'Gates of Winter' have soared through the online international metal charts at Both songs have earned many awards and critical acclaim! GATES OF WINTER is quickly developing a global fan-base, whilst selling merchandise and CD pre-orders around the world.

Their first release promises to spotlight the band on the world stage. 'LUX AETERNA' takes orchestral inspiration from Nightwish and Kamelot while providing the melodic and heavy elements of Strapping Young Lad, Dream Theater and Opeth.