Degradead - Biography





The trade mark of the Stockholm based Degradead is Melodic Death Metal with a taste of Thrash, melodic chorusses and heavy guitars. Raise the curtains for their debut album "Til Death Do Us Apart"!

Having played together for quite some time building a strong following in Sweden with consistent live work things went ahead when Degradead completed their demo album "Death Row", as Jesper Strömblad from In Flames took notice of them.

He showed interest in working with them and Degradead took their chance and went down to Gothenburg and recorded "Til Death Do Us Apart" in IF studios. The album was produced by a team - calling themselves H.O.R.D.E, mixed and engineered by Björn Gelotte and co-engineering by Jesper Strömblad and Daniel Svensson.

Result of the recordings is a piece of finest Melodic Death Metal - finding the perfect balance between Death, Thrash and catchy melodies, with their already very own signature. Mikael Sehlin has his unique style to scream through the first ten songs from 'Genetic Waste' to 'Reborn'. Additionally Degradead prove that they can handle the quietness of an all-acoustic song with the title track "'Til Death Do Us Apart", placed at the end of the album.

Jesper Strömblad (In Flames) says: "I had the opportunity to work with the band I would say is the future of metal.. If you miss the classic Metallica, if you are tired of the the New Wave of American Metal, this is the band for you. Don´t miss out of the most important release of the year.....Degradead debut album."