Thine Eyes Bleed - Biography



No one can pinpoint the exact moment they took off down that dark path on wheels of steel, the moment they flew into the sun on the sad wings of destiny that sprouted from their shoulders like an uncontrollable curse, but they know it happened. And now here they stand with the rest of the leaf hounds and dope fiends, basement creeps and midnight queens, the scum of society with morbid visions, screaming for vengeance and begging for infernal death. They represent the loudest and meanest, a ragged crew bonded by blood.

That probably sounds like you, and it's Thine Eyes Bleed too, the long hairs and thick beards that thrash and kill with the most brutal and precise skill, like a worm digging into your skull and feeding on your purest thoughts. Formed loosely in 2002 in London Ontario, Canada, founded by members Justin Wolfe, Jeff Phillips, and Darryl Stephens, later completed by Johnny Araya and James Reid. TEB have since blazed a trail of the most extreme kind of bad fun, the kind that degenerates, metal junkies, and desperate minds strangle with a heavy, shaky fist. It's a day-to-day mentality, where the only constant is the loud screams of history that sound just fucking right. There's never been any sure thing in this kind of crazy life, except metal itself, and the brothers by your side. And these brothers have found a way together, releasing their debut album, In the Wake of Separation, on The End Records, and touring for years with such allies as Soulfly, 6 Feet Under, and Kittie. They were invited to play the 2005 Independence D festival in Tokyo, Japan and handpicked to fill out one of the most insane line-ups in heavy metal history, taking the stage with Slayer, Mastodon, Lamb of God, In Flames, and Children of Bodom on the Unholy Alliance Tour in the US and Europe in 2006, sparking such interminable praise as "America's hottest new thrash property" (Metal Hammer) and "Canadian death metal that'll make you puke" (Revolver).

But forget all that. What we have here is apocalyptic wasteland, full of incalculable changes, spine-splitting breakdowns, rolling thunder, blood-curdling speed, and imminent death. Thine Eyes Bleed will establish themselves as the undisputed lords of metal's new future, and every screamo bitch, emo pussy, hardcore hand job, death metal spook, and ugly underground urchin will be stabbing themselves in the liver with broken pieces of bone just to say that they were there the day the sky turned black and rained blood. That's what heavy metal's about after all now, isn't it, a serial kind of schizoid devotion? Sure it is. And you're damned stoked to be a part of it. So is Thine Eyes Bleed.