Theudho - Biography



The history of Theudho starts with the release of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti demo in April 2003. Inspired by North/West-European nature and lyrics devoted to Ásatrú, the demo was received well by the metal underground. Despite the primitive production, some reviewers went as far as to label the demo as one of the best Belgian debuts. Others compared the demo to classic bands such as Bathory, Satyricon, Burzum, Falkenbach and so forth. "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" was spread in the underground quite fast and made the name Theudho well known (although the first demo bears the alternative spelling "Þeuðo"). Later that year we got in touch with Filip of the progressive black metal band Gorath, who was interested in joining forces by releasing a split-demo.

And so it happened; "Under the Alemannic Sun" was released in January 2004 as a split with Gorath's "The Blueprints for Revolution". The Gorath material sounded terrific, the Theudho songs suffered from severe underproduction, latency in the tracks, and so forth. Underground critics hailed the rough sound and the lack of compromise. In a way the harsh sound fitted the grim lyrics; all devoted to darker aspects of Ásatrú and European folklore. The Flemish label Nepherex noticed Theudho after hearing both demo's and signed the band. The label manager wasn't too fond of the lack of production and made us open up to a different recording approach. The material that was recorded so far was scrapped in favour of more interesting new creations. One Jägermeister-fueled night, however, the scrapped tracks were finished and released in the form of the limited "Wurðiz" demo. Only 20 copies of this demo were made; most of them were given away to friends and associates. After a long period of hard work and a number of setbacks with the printing company, "Treachery" was released on Nepherex. The new and improved sound seemed to work quite well, as "Treachery" received excellent reviews worldwide.

Shortly after the release, session lead guitarist Bastiaan joined Theudho as a full member. The first collaboration of the new duo resulted in the "The Black Chariot of Horst" track, which appeared on the Lugbúrz-compilation. In order to promote the "Treachery" album a bit more, Theudho decided to shoot a video for the track "The Sword of Cheru". With Filip of Gorath on bass and drummer Rony, the video shows Theudho slowly growing away from the "one man project" concept to being a full band. During the recording of "The Völsunga Saga", the manager of Nepherex suggested that we'd better hire an additional bass player and drummer to enhance the live feel of the album. With Filip of Gorath and Joachim of Wanhoop joining the band, the label got their wish.

In March the band moved operations from Þruðvangr to Rose Creek Studio to mix and master the new album with Raf of Ancient Rites at the helm. Around easter, the long awaited and highly anticipated "The Völsunga Saga" album was finally released on Nepherex. A dark and gloomy video for the track "Fafnirs Blut" was made available as well. Also notable is that, for the very first time, Theudho performed live. After two secret warm-up gigs in local clubs, the band was already invited to play outside Belgium; both in former East-Germany and the Netherlands. At that very moment, it became very evident how much things had changed for former home-studio project Theudho. The band also gladly accepted an offer to play in the legendary Belgian club Biebob in October.

To further promote the "The Völsunga Saga" album, Theudho shot a video for the track "Uttergälden" at the medieval castle of Beersel (near Brussels, Belgium). Meanwhile, this song has become a staple in the live set of the band. More concerts follow, from performances in metal bars to clubs to even big indoor festivals. After these succesful concerts (with bands such as Heimat, Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag and Ancient Rites), Theudho starts working on material for their third full length album.

THEUDHO started writing a third full length album, the first one to be released on a foreign label. In 2008, the German label DET GERMANSKE FOLKET released "Cult of Wuotan", yet another major progression in both composition and performance. The unparalleled synergy of hard hitting metal, epic melodies and Wagnerian bombast spawns eleven tracks that pay tribute to the Wuotanic spirit throughout history; from the tragic endeavours of the Cimbri, the warrior cult of the Harii, the Batavian uproar and the violent death of Arminius' son to the gloomy rituals and executions performed in desolate moors for the greater glory of Wuotan, Donar and Frô.

When bassist Filip and THEUDHO amicably decide to part ways (guitarist/vocalist Jurgen wrote all the lyrics and liner notes of the GORATH album "Misotheism" and Filip's ambient metal project HORUS), THEUDHO functions as a three piece for the recording of the CELTIC FROST cover "Dethroned Emperor" and the acoustic folk track "Austrôn" for the Russian "Ritual" compilation, which also features the beautiful voice of guest vocalist Claudia.

After securing a new live line-up, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Jurgen, lead guitarist Bastiaan, bassist Frederik and drummer Joachim, THEUDHO started playing live again; most notably with bands such as WAYLANDER, CRUACHAN, HEIDEVOLK, ELUVEITIE and SKYFORGER. This line-up makes its recording début for the SUMMONING tribute album " And In the Darkness Bind Them", tackling the song "Marching Homewards". They also record the BATHORY cover "A Fine Day To Die", featuring guest vocals of AHRÁYEPH main man Raf.

When drummer Joachim is sadly forced to quit drumming due to a sustained injury in July 2009, Tony of the folk black metal band HEIMAT steps in as a session drummer. The band performs with cult black metal band ENTHRONED as well as veterans CADUCITY and teams up with happy troll bashers WAPENSPRAAK & DRINKGELAG for a BATHORY tribute gig.

Later that year, THEUDHO is again invited to perform in the Netherlands as a headliner for Einherjar Fest with MYRKVAR, GRIMHORDE, ENCORION and VANIR.

At the end of 2009, THEUDHO decide to record a free digital EP with the then current live line-up. "The Silence EP" features re-recordings of four tracks of the previous three albums. The EP is characterised by a sound that goes back to the vibe of the "Treachery" album, drastically scrapping the keyboard arrangements that came to dominate the sound of the previous two albums. Being a free EP, it spreads faster than the Mexican flu A promo video for the track "Silence reigned over the Bog" was released as well

For the recording of their fourth album, the line-up of THEUDHO changed drastically. Drummer Joachim agreed to return for the recording of the album as a studio musician. On bass, multi-instrumentalist Nick steps in. Guitarist Dieter, who originally played session for THEUDHO in 2008, joins the recording line-up as well. During this period, the band contributed to the BATHORY tribute "Wolves of Nordland" with the track "Blood Fire Death". They also re-recorded the track "Upon the Waves of Ægir" from the "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" demo for a compilation album by Valhalla Promotions. On the side, guitarist/vocalist Jurgen writes the lyrics to the 2011 GORATH album "Apokálypsis - Unveiling the Age that is not to Come " as well. "When Ice Crowns the Earth" (2012), recorded and mixed at the bands own ÞRÚÐVANGR studio and mastered by the legendary DAN SWANÖ at UNISOUND, was released by AURORA AUSTRALIS RECORDS and was preceded by the free download EP "War into the World" (2011).

A video for the track "Niðr ok Norðr" was issued in November 2012, accompagnied by a digital single. More GORATH cooperations are released; this time the album "The Chronicles of Khiliasmos" featuring yet again lyrics by Jurgen.

At the end of 2012, the band records the track "Níðing", to be released as a 7" split EP with partners in crime WAELCYRGE early 2013.