Tűzmadár - Biography




Tűzmadár is a Hungarian Heavy metal/Speed metal band formed in early 1999 by 18-year-old singer/guitarist Péter Schrott. His bandmates were Péter Pihokker guitarist, András Siegl bass player and Zoltán Siegl drummer.
The band recorded two demos called Halottak élén and Igaz hittel. Because of musical differences, the Siegl brothers and Péter Pihokker formed Alhana, a gothic/power metal band. Into their places, Schrott recruited Kristóf Barócsi and Zsolt Galambos guitarists, as he wanted to focus fully on singing. The four strings were newly handled by Attila Szűcs and Bence Kőhegyi sat behind the drums.
The band started to record an album, which was, halfway in progress, deleted completely by a blackout. After that, Galambos left to Wisdom and the second guitarist of Alhana, Márton Kovács came instead.
With this lineup, the band recorded a demo in 2004 (Jégkirály). In 2005, they finally recorded and released the debut album Jégkorszak. Later that year, a keyboardist called Zsolt Horváth joined them. Since, the band recorded and released their second album Fények.
In the end of 2007, Kőhegyi left the band due to "unfortunate personal circumstances" and he was replaced by Dávid Haraszti, who is accidentally the neighbor of Attila Szűcs. In early 2008, Barócsi was invited to rehearse with a relatively known German cover metal band, Cherokee from Nuremberg and was accepted as guitarist and backing vocalist/co-vocalist. He officially left the band on March 21, 2008 in Dunaújváros. On March 17, the vocalist/bandleader Schrott announced that the new guitarist would be Gergely Károlyi from S.P.A.M. and formerly of Carnia.

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