Middian - Biography



In 2005, Mike Scheidt, founding member of YOB, faced the tough decision of introducing yet another set of members to YOB or abandoning the project completely. It was his final choice to let go of YOB that paved to way for his current project, MIDDIAN.

Guitarist/vocalist Mike Scheidt recalls, "I decided to start a new band: very much in the vein of YOB, but more angry and mid-paced on average, but still with roots in slow doom and the cosmic vibe that was a part of YOB."

Mike recruited his friends Will Lindsay to play bass and Scott Headrick to play drums. Though both are experienced musicians and share Mike's appreciation for extreme music, neither had ever played doom influenced music, let alone written it. Their newness with the genre as players proved to be the fresh perspective that Mike was looking for in the writing process.

"Age Eternal is our first album together, and we are very happy with it. It is a solid first album for us and is setting the blueprint for what we do: doom and stoner influenced music without it exactly being either, but definitely being HEAVY."

Recorded at Dogwood Studios in Eugene, Oregon in late 2006, Age Eternal pays homage to the slow pummeling doom riffage while introducing lurching, faster riffs, chord melody, and kick-you-in-the-teeth aggressiveness… In many ways Age Eternal is more urgent, straight-forward and more punk influenced than Scheidt's previous projects. Age Eternal is melodic yet abrasive and has taken on a darker and more epic feel.

"Everyone who is seeing MIDDIAN right now is standing witness to our new beginning and we look forward to much exploring and experimentation in the coming years with our riffage."

(source: http://middian.org/bio.htm)