Bilocate - Biography





Days months, and years went on as Bilocate, the Jordanian Doomdeath metal band rising from the mid-country city Fuhais, walked in its path of glory and we shall narrate the story of this epic.

The essence of Bilocate comes from the determination of the two brothers Ramzi and Waseem with their lifetime friend Hani to start a metal band in which they would put their musical efforts, although many tries they did with many other musicians, but no real results.

It was summer 2003 when Waseem met Baha', Bilocate's lead guitarist, also from Fuhais, this meeting was arranged with Essa Farah, a friend of both Waseem and Baha',
So after holding a number of sessions, Baha' joined the guys to make a real start for the band.

Starting with composing the trial instrumental track Waseem and Baha' wanted to examine the power of their composing, yielding a very successful collaboration, at the time, Hani was in Macedonia, and Ramzi was busy with his college and work.

It was only a short while for Ramzi and Hani to join the experience and at that point the band started their now-called hit track, 2nd war in heaven.

This should be formally called the start of Bilocate, the 4 friends continued working strictly on their own material, composing, recording so after "2nd war in heaven" the band composed the semi instrumental "Days of Joy", and then they started "A Deadly Path", in the middle of this song Hani introduced a very talented guitarist to the band,

Rami Haikal, at that point it was summer 2004, it was amazing how Rami could join the band during a composing time and it was super how he went with the flow as if he was with the guys from the beginning, he was a perfect rhythm guitarist for BILOCATE, so the band continued working without allowing anything to hold them back, with the excellent lead and rhythm guitars lines, extremely powerful harsh vocals and lyrics from Ramzi and surly the extraordinary bass lines composed by Hani , all that combined with the efforts Waseem has made by taking care of keyboards , drums , and recording/editing of the band's material.

As said before Rami joined the band in the middle of "A Deadly Path", as they completed this song they started working on "The Tragedy Within" mentioning that the musical idea of this song was introduced by Rami, making a good example of how Rami could fit in. Another spectacular thing worthy mentioning, the fact that most of the time Ramzi was working in UAE, but that didn't change a thing about the band's work.

Then after "The Tragedy Within", Waseem and Baha'composed 2 relatively small tracks by themselves, "Passage" and "Shrouded" and these tracks were added to Bilocate's material after the band had agreed on them.

The last track the band worked on in their first album was "A Desire to Leave" the so-called "longest song made by an Arab metal band ever!", it was composed in the beginning of winter 2005, so by completing this song Bilocate was ready to release their first full length album "Dysphoria" containing the 7 songs mentioned above in addition to an intro for the album. The album release was celebrated on the local governmental radio station "Jordan FM" on October 27th in a 5 hours show hosted by the well known Dj Mike playing the whole album on air and interviewing the band members and taking calls from fans.

After the band had released Dysphoria, they released their first music video which they were already working on for the "2nd war in heaven" song in coordination with Immortal Video Productions. Bilocate started promoting their material through online advertisements, and they needed to go live in order to get their performance recognized, but they couldn't have actually done that without the help of their good friend Ibrahim Al Qaysi,

who went live with them in a number of local concerts as session drummer like "The Burning" gig, and mentioning his efforts when he flew to Egypt with the band to perform live in the very first concert BILOCATE gets to appear in, outside Jordan,

Also joining the band's efforts on shooting their 2nd video clip for the song "Days of Joy" which was produced with Jacknife Video Productions and that was namely the end of Ibrahim's journey with Bilocate which lasted for approximately a year.

After all what's said Bilocate is preparing for a new album a new era for the band , with a new drummer joining the crew in the late 2006 , Ahmad Kloob , very talented and could fit in easily as he was introduced to the Bilocate spirit , and another journey has started.